Looking for a magician to make your wedding party, birthday party or any other occasion fun packed? Then you have come to the right place. I am The Gully Gully Man, from Egypt. The very name of this country would give you an idea that I am from the land of mysteries. Magic has been in practice in Egypt even before 7000 years. I am a professional and stick to the ethics of my profession. Yes, like yet another profession, the gully gully magicians have our own ethics.

Many of you would think why you need a table magician at all for your event? Any occasion you host is to make the day more memorable and ensure that the guests have a day that linger in their pack of happy memories. A table magician can bring happiness to the minds and hearts of your guests.

Now, why should you choose me as your wedding magician or table magician?

Punctuality:- To be precise, you can see me at the venue before the guests arrive. Usually, I give a couple of minutes for them to talk over drinks and I walk from table to table. You can be assured the roar of laughter’s rock the place when I move to each guest.

Expertise:- Trust me, all my shows had been a great hit. Still skeptic? Visit The guest book page on my official site and find the testimonials of the people who happened to enjoy my magic.

Now, if you have visited my site, you would sure want to know what this gully gully is all about. Gully gully is a term derived from gala gala, the Egyptian term which can be called equivalent to abra ca dabra. Now, I have not restricted myself to the traditional gully gully magic. The modern approach to this traditional magic is what that strikes a difference. In fact, you can never find this in any other magician of the genre.

What can you expect from me?

Find me in a suit or a cabaret outfit. Choose which one you like. Find images in my site. I am based in Portsmouth, so can be your table magician or party magician in and around.